Curo puts modern technology and tools in the hands of care givers, to change the way we care for seniors. 

Always on and passive monitoring technology provides both insights into wellbeing and the opportunity for early intervention, when required. It does this without requiring any input from seniors, whilst protecting their dignity.

We are radically changing the way our client companies are able to serve older adults, by contextualizing the patterns and changes to behaviors that have the greatest impact on long term health, wellbeing & independence.

Actionable Insights

Knowing things have changes is one thing, but identifying where to focus efforts is what drives impactful changes.

Curo Wellness Score

Quickly identify the health and wellbeing of individual clients with Curo’s wellness score.

Automated Report and Workflow

Curo collects 1000’s of pieces of unique data from every house hold, but visualises this in a way that’s not just simple to understand, but is actionable

Early Intervention & 24/7 Care

Curo puts wellbeing front and center.  As a care provider, your staff are enabled to keep focusing on maintaining well being rather than responding to emergencies.   A focus on always on solutions, even when carers can’t be present, allow you to get a never before view of the real-time wellbeing of your clients.

Timing is everything and being aware of deteriorated levels of wellness a more significant emergency situation occurs allows care organisations to act quickly and help support the on going needs of your senior clients.

Curo is a tool for creating better care outcomes and overall happier and healthier clients.

Commercial Efficiencies

For the first time, client needs and commercial outcomes are fully aligned.  Curo allows agencies to get real-time prioritization of clients and care needs.

  • Prioritisation of care
  • Communication between staff
  • Spend more time with clients and less time on admin