Curo provides family with reassurance that their loved one is remaining independent and can continue to care for themselves.

Using non-intrusive sensors in the home Curo provides insights via a smart phone application which aims to change the way the world looks at ageing-in-place and the relationship between family and their loved ones. Curo shifts the focus away from emergency call-outs to better understand the wellbeing, care and ultimately the independence of the elderly.

The Curo smartphone application loads directly to a daily task list, which gives the carers access to current information such as:

  • Completion of expected daily or weekly tasks
  • At home or away status
  • Current house temperature
  • Last activity monitored

Plug me in

Simply take the kit out of the box and plug it in. The Curo app (or included instructions) will guide you on how to position the sensors around the home. This process can take as little as 10 minutes, but we highly recommend spending as long as it takes to have a conversation An installation service is available for those who would prefer an expert setup up Curo.

Introduce yourself

In the beginning Curo only knows as much as you tell it. To help get things started, Curo will guide you through a questionnaire which provides foundation information. This means in the beginning Curo is as good as the information you provide.

Let’s really get to know each other

The first week or two of Curo is critical. Curo will start to learn about what normal patterns look like and recommend appropriate changes to the daily tasks. Once Curo really learns what healthy and happy means to you it can start to provide insights and recommendations to you and your family.

Daily / Weekly Tasks

Tasks are activities that are expected to occur during a standard daily or weekly routine. Changes in this behaviour are key signals that action may need to be taken to further support the independence of the person. Not getting out of bed at the usual time may indicate trouble sleeping or illness; continually not using the kitchen may mean services such as Meals on Wheels may be helpful. Family can customise Curo to ensure that the task list includes key activities that reflect true independence for the person.

Notifications & Alerts

Curo gives the user control to determine how, when and why they want to be notified. On a task by task basis, users can determine if they want to the notified when a task is successful, failed and/or not performed. Users can select how they would prefer to receive notifications: - SMS - Email - Push Notifications - In-app Alerts


Curo is always paying attention and its doing more than just monitoring, its also learning. Apart from the information you have already told it, Curo can spot changes in trends and behaviour just based on your previous habits. Curo sees that’ you’re getting up 30 minutes later than usual this week and that you haven’t had as many visitors as you normally would. It can feed these insights back to family and careers to ensure that assistance can be provided where its most needed.

Curo Hardware

The Hardware kit provided with Curo is a specially chosen mix of smart sensors which can be placed around the home to automatically monitor daily patterns.  Wireless sensors can detect motion, temperature and movement, meaning the kit can be used to track movement of pill trays, TV remotes, fridges, shower screen doors and more.

This kit consists of several sensors, all which are securely connected wirelessly to the Curo’s cloud service, providing you with up-to-date insights about the health and wellbeing of those you care for.