Well-being, not emergencies

Many of the existing products available to those who are ageing-in-place, focus on emergency situations.  Curo takes an "independence first" approach to the long term well-being of your loved ones. 

Given our mission is to support independence, Curo needed to be different.  It’s designed to focus on well-being and independence, which means that signs of deterioration (which may have otherwise lead to emergencies) are spotted sooner and appropriate care can be provided before a major incident.  This leads to happier healthier and longer periods of sustained independence.

Connecting families not call centers

No one knows you better than your family, so its only right that Curo connects directly to the people that care the most.  Forget call center scripts and carer rosters, Curo puts insights in the hands of the people who aren’t paid to care, but care the most.

Always on

Curo is a service which is always running, without the need for the user or the family to interact in anyway.  Unlike emergency pendants which need to be carried and activated, Curo is automatically taking notice.

Family and carers have 24/7 access to Curo on their desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

Encourages conversation rather than replacing it

Curo is not about replacing human interaction, in fact it’s the opposite.  Curo is about adding quality and factual information to support conversation.  Curo should not be seen as a set and forget, instead it's woven into the relationship between you and your family.